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Salmonid Riffle Improvements Project 6 months on
One of the sites where this work was undertaken in autumn 2015 was Burcombe and Barford. Now the river has clean gravels and ranunculus growing where there wasn't any before.

Lower Avon Habitat Enhancement Project


15th October 2015 - The Partnership, with funding from DEFRA, have come together to deliver a project on the lower Avon to install multifunctional habitat improvements.

- Excavating three new backwaters (totalling 500m2 of degraded ditch networks and former backwaters) which provide habitat for juvenile coarse fish. Each of the backwaters also have shallow sloping margins which will provide feeding areas for wading birds (redshank, snipe and lapwings).
- Installation of 20+ large woody debris and live hinged willows into the channel to encourage diversified flow patterns and act as cover from predators for adult Salmonid and coarse fish.
- Jet cleaning the upper most gravel riffle to improve Salmonid spawning opportunities.
The main bulk of the works were undertaken by 5 Rivers Environmental Contracting with the finishing touches undertaken with volunteers. The project will be monitored over the coming years by the partnership to understand the benefits and opportunities that have been created through this scheme

 New rules for septic tanks and small sewage treatment plant

07th October 2015 - New rules have been introduced to simplify the way septic tanks and small sewage treatment plants are regulated in England, protecting the environment and improving water quality.

If you have a septic tank or small sewage treatment plant you must comply with the ‘general binding rules’ by ensuring your system is maintained properly and does not cause pollution. Extra protection is in place in areas designated as environmentally sensitive, where people may need to apply for a permit if they install a new system.
The general binding rules are easy to follow. You can read them in full at For more information visit the Projects Page on the HACP website.


Salmonid Riffle Improvements Project underway

06th October 2015 - The Partnership, with funding from DEFRA, have come together to deliver a small scheme to improve Salmonid riffle spawning and juvenile habitat on a number of key historically active riffles on the Rivers Nadder and Wylye. 
The work at Burcombe, Stapleford and Quidhampton took place October  2015 in conjunction with The Wessex Chalk Streams and Rivers Trust, The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, The Wild Trout Trust and Salisbury and District Angling club. The work will improve the riffle for spawning through gravel cleaning and will improve marginal and on riffle cover with the addition of Large Woody Material to help survival of juvenile fish once they have hatched. It is hoped that this project can turn into a multi year scheme looking to improve further sites across the catchment next year. For more information visit the Projects Page on the HACP website.

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